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You don't have to feel overwhelmed by information

There's too much information and too much data in our lives. And it keeps getting worse. It's easy to feel overwhelmed! We've all been there.But there's a solution. You need to design a Personal Knowledge Management system for yourself!

What is Personal Knowledge Management?

Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) is all about organizing personal information. This includes everything: data, knowledge, ideas, notes, thoughts, etc.With a Personal Knowledge Management system, you'll be able to turn that overwhelming mess into an organized, consistent, sustainable, reliable and searchable digital garden 🌷.

A new way to think

Armed with the appropriate system, techniques, workflows, routines and tools, you'll be able to stay on top of huge amounts of information effortlessly.You'll also be able to retain more of what you read and improve your thinking by linking ideas together.This is all possible right now. You just need to take the first step. And we'll be there to guide you!

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Learn about Knowledge Management

If you want to make sure you reap the benefits of Personal Knowledge Management, you first need to learn about Knowledge Management.Explore the Knowledge Management for Beginners course to learn everything you need to know about KM and PKM.

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Explore the library

The Personal Knowledge Management Library is a carefully collection of resources about PKM, reading, learning, writing and thinking.Inside of the library, you'll find pointers to hundreds of articles, books, communities, courses, newsletters, podcasts, sites, templates, tools, videos, and more.This library is the Alexandria of PKM. A perfect starting point to start your journey into modern Personal Knowledge Management.

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Use the Starter Kit

The Obsidian Starter Kit is a solid starting point for anyone willing to properly organize their notes in Obsidian without spending months researching and experimenting.

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Follow the Starter course

The Obsidian Starter Course is a video course containing 2h20 of content. It's a hands-on guide into the world of Obsidian, Personal Knowledge Management (PKM), and the Obsidian Starter Kit.Many of the explanations use the Obsidian Starter Kit's vault/structure/plugins, but the explanations about Personal Knowledge Management (PKM), Markdown, YAML and recommendations can be applied to many other tools. Moreover, if you're using Obsidian but don't yet have a copy of the Obsidian Starter Kit, then this course is still incredibly useful. It will show you how you can organize your knowledge base, how to take smart notes, and much more!

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Read the journal

The Personal Knowledge Management Journal is a publication dedicated to the exploration of knowledge, sense-making, learning, taking smart notes, and for those who want to think on a whole new level.In this publication, you'll find articles about Zettelkasten, Tools for Thought (TfT) 🔨 (e.g., Obsidian, Roam Research, LogSeq, Dendron, etc), how to retain more of what you read, and more!

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Join us on Slack

The PKM community is a home for people interested in getting started or getting better at Personal Knowledge Management (PKM).Our intent is to create a space where lifelong learners can share ideas, workflows, tools, interesting articles, tips, tricks, and hacks about knowledge management and how to build a second brain.

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Join us on Reddit

The PKM community is also present on Reddit. On that platform, we share all the interesting links we find online about Personal Knowledge Management.

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